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We Are Under Duress

Artist: Bennett

Artist: Bennett

Our Children Are Targets!

Our children are being indoctrinated into The #AgeOfAquarius! Children are seen as pure Virgin Souls. Through many Satanic Cults and demonic practices, the child is a necessary #Sacrifice. Their death and manipulation is believed to be a gateway to dark powers. The government is ushering
an agenda that destroys the family. There are documents and plans being strategically implemented to relinquish authority and control of your children! Your children are considered…Property Of The State.

Hitler was successful with a similar practice and program. This program was instrumental to his rise and success to power by way of propaganda. Children from ages ten to eighteen, during the 1920’s were targeted for “The Hitler Youth“. By 1933, membership was over 40,000. This number grew tremendously by 1933, to 5.4million. Enrollment became mandatory six years later (1939).

"Founded in 1926, the original purpose of the Hitler Youth was to train boys to enter the SA (Storm Troopers), a Nazi Party paramilitary formation."

Founded in 1926, the original purpose of the Hitler Youth was to train boys to enter the SA (Storm Troopers), a Nazi Party paramilitary formation.

These boys and girls enter our organizations [at] ten years of age, and often for the first time get a little fresh air; after four years of the Young Folk they go on to the Hitler Youth, where we have them for another four years . . . And even if they are still not complete National Socialists, they go to Labor Service and are smoothed out there for another six, seven months . . . And whatever class consciousness or social status might still be left . . . the Wehrmacht [German armed forces] will take care of that.
Adolf Hitler (1938)

The children were loyal and effective in gaining control and destroying families, making parents the enemy! Despite massive censorship during this period in Germany, educators introduced approved textbooks and literature that taught students “love for Hitler“, obedience to state authority, militarism, racism, and antisemitism. The initial purpose of the program was to train the children (boys) to enter the SA (Storm Troopers), a Nazi Party paramilitary formation.

Do not be fooled by theses guilt tactics. Using sexuality and innocence as a way to administer their destructive plans. Such is the case in Oakland, California, where the School District is strategically targeted for a “Gender Diversity” Program. There is no mistake with the demographics  being targeted by this “Gender-Free” Activist Group, Gender Spectrum.
Children as young as 5yrs of age or Kindergarten to High School Seniors are the groups target age. There have been many parents angered by this program, where few were made aware of the curriculum roll out.

Do not underestimate the power of sexuality, it’s use as a weapon and #TrojanHorse. There have been a lot of policies, laws and even standards in our social and technological lifestyle, that have been influenced by ways of sex and it’s industry.

Understand that the Dominant Society has a Committee Of Corrupt, committed to destruction and enslavement. Which is why it is imperative that citizens become aggressive towards protecting and preparing to wage war against the government’s assault.

You are responsible for researching and educating your family and communities. Never would the enemy teach one to be greater. Placing your youths’
fate the hands of demons…
Is imprisoning your future to the devil. – #GenderDiversity

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And Read…Lies My Teacher Told Me

Lies My Teacher Told Me


We Provoke Thought

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American As Sweet Potato Pie

Where does one begin?

As American as Apple Pie“? No. That would not fit here, because America, at least for the past week, has shown that Sweet Potato Pie is the new icon.

Since James Wright's review went viral, Walmart sold one pie per second for 72hours straight last weekend.

Since James Wright’s review went viral, Walmart sold one pie per second for 72hours straight last weekend.

Since Walmart’s release of the celebrity endorsed Sweet Potato Pie, sales were good, but it was not until the publication of a Video Review, produced by James Wright, on YouTube that within 24 hours after the video was posted on November 12, 2015, “sales data was showing a nationwide surge in pie purchases“, shared Walmart spokesman John Forrest Ales.
Due to the popularity Walmart had worked to restock it’s sweet potato pies after the viral video caused a massive surge in demand across the country.

The pie retails for $3.48. The viral video, made by now popular pitchman, James Wright, can possibly take responsibility for aiding in inflated sales of pies on eBay, recorded as much as $40!

Make no mistake, this is not an article looking to add to the hype, but to point out important perspectives and call out a wrong on Pattie Labelle‘s part.

Recently #TMZ’s cameraman catches Patti Labelle before entering a building and asks her about her success with her, endorsed, Sweet Potato Pie sales due to James Wright’s viral video review…

Patti Labelle adamantly takes full credit for the over a million dollars sales spike in less than a week, despite James Wright’s video review popularity.

I did it myself“, Patti affirms.

I was selling out pies before the guy did his wonderful video“, Patti explains.

Patti Labelle was able to express her regards for Mr. Wright’s singing ability and potential in that area.

He’s a wonderful singer and he’s just a wonderful guy”, she said.

Since James’ review went viral, Walmart sold one pie per second for 72 hours straight last weekend.
So did Patti really, “do it herself“? Clearly Patti is exaggerating and disregarding the power of “word of mouth” and more importantly, Black Purchase Power.

In 2013, Black Buying Power was projected to reach 1.1trillion dollars!

There are 43 million Melanoid Americans in the United States, 13.7 percent of the total population. The “Black” race is the second largest racial minority in the country. The median age is 32 and 47 percent are under 35 years of age.

Despite these impressive numbers and buying power most mainstream advertisers are not inclusive. They fail to include “Black“, Melanoid people in media and marketing plans and have underestimated the market size.

If we were to reminisce to the 1900’s, a neighborhood called Greenwood in Tulsa, Oklahoma was one of the most successful and wealthiest Melanoid communities in the United States.
Home to successful Black businessmen, affluent residents, restaurants, grocery stores, movie theaters, hospitals, banks, libraries, schools, law offices, private airplanes and a commuter bus system.

This was “Black Wall Street“, which could be today’s blueprint for Black Economics. Black Economics is essential to the rise and power of the Melanoid People. It is cases such as Walmart’s pies and the Missouri University “Black” students protests that set the precedence for how Black communities should be operating.

During the 1900’s, in Greenwood, Tulsa, Oklahoma, the dollar circulated 36 to 100 times, sometimes taking a year for currency to leave the community. Now a dollar leaves the Black community in 15 minutes.
This is terrifying to anyone who dreams of a better way for Melanoid people. Economic power is critical. Unfortunately, Patti Labelle’s situation is a snapshot of what happens a lot. Patti does not own the company that produces the sweet potato pies or will she profit from the success of it’s sales. Not in the manner as W. Galen Weston has. Instead her image is what is used to lure consumers.

These practices are not difficult to repeat.
What is difficult is gaining loyalty from the “Melaninated” Nations and when unity is achieved, maintaining consistency.
Above all, like the Dominant Society, the plans and actions of the Melaninated communities must be covert. The use of Social Media and other technological platforms are necessary, but with so much and many against the growth of Black Nations, stealthy actions would be vital to Black Economical Growth.

So as powerful as it is for the “Black Dollar” to circulate, it is equally as powerful for it to stall.
Weigh these thoughts when deciding what business you wish or wish not to support.

Lastly; one thing is for certain, Patti may have sold many pies but it sure ain’t better than my mama’s!

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Together We Stand: Citizens Disarm Police

What is the current relationship between Citizens and Civil Servants (Police)?

Is it fair to say that both are on edge? Are communities being protected or patroled?

Police Officers are the Civil Servants of their communities. There are a full range of duties and responsibilities that are not limited to; aide, protection of physical, private and public property. This has been skewed through time, but The Supreme Court has repeatedly ruled that police officers at all levels of the government have no duty to protect the citizens of this country.
It is the job of police officers to investigate crimes and arrest criminals.

Their role is important, challenging and dangerous at times. It is imperative that the relationship between Citizens and Civil Servants improve. The Police Officer is the “Frontline” of their community that he/she serves. Their role could easily escalate to protecting the citizens from a tyrannical government, a stance that would require trust and cooperation from both sides.
So it is not surprising that today’s Police are being trained that the Citizen is the enemy.
That each encounter is a potential threat. We see this through the actions of the police and the horrifying results of their interactions with the “everyday” man, woman and child. The countless lives being taken of the unarmed in non – life threatening situations.

Which is why it is important, but also the responsibility of the People, to govern their community and command their sworn officer’s of the law to abide by the law and hold them accountable when they fail to do so.

This is what took place in Boston, MA – late September (2015). From a video shared on YouTube, September 18th 2015, a Boston Police Officer attempted to arrest a woman on a commuter bus. This happened in Dudley Square (Shopping Area). The woman was being arrested, allegedly, for petty theft.
From what is seen in the video, the officer attempted to detain the woman. The woman began to resist, several times swinging, opened and closed fisted. This aggravated the officer, who immediately drew his gun against the unarmed woman.
This alarmed many passengers, who were already filming the incident as it was unfolding.
What happened soon after galvanized the current climate between Citizens and Civil Servants. Several Witnesses ordered for the Police Officer to drop his weapon. They are heard assuring the officer that the woman was not able to flee and she pose no real threat. After a slight stand-off and direct demands, the officer “begrudgingly holstered his weapon“.
The passengers diffused the situation and pleaded for both, the officer and the woman to “Relax” and “Chill“. Another display of Community in control was when the witnesses reassured the woman of her safety by telling her…”We’re here!”.

These actions speaks volumes to the current climate of the Country and it’s lost trust and attitude towards the Law Enforcement.

The woman would later be arrested, without further incident, after several more officers arrived to assist.

Americans must understand that they too have a responsibility for their fellow citizens. The People must be equally as vigilant to assure the safety, for themselves, each other and their police.

Would You Have Been Able To Help Diffuse This Incident?

What Are Your Thoughts On The Citizen’s Actions?

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Do Not Stare At Ohio Police Officers

The relationship between Citizen and Civil Servant has always been a sensitive issue in America.

For ages the “Good Cop” has been outshone by the “Bad Cop”. Today’s climate is no different. For the past several years America has seen a horrifying increase in Police Brutality and outright MURDER!
These men and women, who supposedly took an oath to “Protect and Serve”, have instead adopted a far different tactic; Intimidate, Abuse and KILL!

In this year,  more UNARMED Citizens have been KILLED by Civil Servants than officers losing their lives in the line of duty.

John Felton Found Himself A Victim Of Officer Randy Betsinger, Who Egregiously Used His Authority To Violate Mr. Felton

US Police Killings

Killed By Police 2015

With standards being lowered for Officer acceptance, and an obvious issue with poor inadequate training, this problem has become and epidemic.
Communities have been raped of their liberties and rights, their families, children, property, homes and pet animals have been tormented. No one is safe!
We have seen even those with disabilities and illnesses lose their lives, in some cases, because of their disability.

Lastly, the disparity cannot be shaded when one focuses on the War waged against the Melanoid People (Black).
It is clear that being Black increases unfavorable odds in Citizen to Civil Servant interactions.

These “Dirty Cops” have been caught finding pleasure in assaulting individuals and tactfully finding ways to escalate and draw confrontation, which have led to unlawful arrest and worse, fatalities.

So there is no surprise that, on August 15th (2015) in Dayton Ohio,  John Felton found himself a victim of  Officer Randy Betsinger, who egregiously used his authority to violate and harass Mr. Felton.
John Felton was pulled over by the officer for…“Failing to signal for a turn…100ft prior”
and in the officer’s own words…
“You made direct eye contact with me and held onto it when I was passing you.”

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Respect The Elders

Do you remember the incident that took place on July 09th, 2014, where Seattle resident; 69 year old, William Wingate was arrested by Seattle Police Officer Cynthia Whitlatch?

Well… “Police Chief Kathleen O’Toole signed off Tuesday (Sept.15th, 2015) on findings by the department’s Office of Professional Accountability that Whitlatch, 48, broke the department’s rules in the arrest.”
Therefore she was fired.

Seattle Police Officer Cynthia Whitlatch
Fired For Abuse Of Power

For those who have not followed this story…

SPDO Cynthia Whitlatch drove up on William Wingate, on the corner of an intersection, as he was peacefully doing nothing, using his club for support like a cane.
Whitlatch exits her cruiser immediately asking for Wingate to drop his golf club, “I am not going to take it from you but it is a weapon!”, Whitlatch claims.

Wingate questions the reason for her presence and refuses to release his club for support. Whitlatch demands that he drops the club again, she continues to inform Wingate that the entire scene is being recorded and escalates the situation by, falsely, accusing Wingate of swinging his club at her, “You just swang that club at me!” An appalled Wingate objects immediately and demands that she calls for another officer, “You call somebody I want a witness”.

“The white Seattle officer who arrested an African-American man she claimed swung a golf club at her was fired Tuesday for her racial bias and combative approach, the city’s police chief said.”

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Take A Moment To Watch The Accounts On The Video Provided…

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To Catch A Predator

Photo Credit @TracerXphoto

To Catch A Predator: Poachers

Despite the many accomplishments, Man has proven to be the most violent and destructive “Animal” on the planet. The abuse, waste and theft of resources around the World is astounding.

With Africa seated at the top of the list in resources in the World, it is exploited heinously by many countries and nations around the world. Increasing the wealth of these nations…without regard and prohibiting the people of this glorious continent to “eat from it’s own plate“!

So there is no surprise that Africa rates equally as high with Poaching. From animal fur, body parts, organs to highly sort after Ivory. These Poachers are responsible for the illegal killing and endangering these animal’s very existence. Take the Black Rhino; “since 1960 their population has been reduced by 97.6%“, but change is coming!

This change is delivered in a powerful package; with the support of activist in the United States, “retired vets take part in an organization that puts their years of combat training to work”, aiding the African Park Rangers. Their efforts are focused on reducing the loss and ending poaching.

The achievement will be made by VETPAW (Veterans Empowered To Protect Wildlife).

Their highlight addition is;

Kinessa Johnson: US Army Veteran.

What is Kinessa and her team’s mission in Africa? Her focus is to train the African Park Rangers in areas of marksmanship, field medicine and counter-intelligence. With 187 African Park Rangers lives lost at the hands of poachers, prior to the aide, such training is crucial to everyone’s survival and, most importantly, maintaining the safety and protection of the animals and Park Rangers.


Article: Click Here


Johnson and her team had set their sites on Tanzania, in March of 2015. After putting their plans into effect and due to their strong presence, a reduction in poaching activity was immediately noticed. This is why it was critical to train the Park Rangers and provide support.

Kinessa joined VETPAW because she loves animals, and because protecting endangered species is a cause that speaks to her heart. Kinessa explains, “After the first obvious priority of enforcing existing poaching laws, educating the locals on protecting their country’s natural resources is most important overall.”

Please take a moment to read the full article from the link above.

Also Follow @kinessajohnson on Facebook and Instagram

Photo Credit @TracerXphoto on Facebook and Instagram



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Stop Thanking Veterans

‪Stop Thanking Veterans

You see them at Train Stations, Airports, Bus Depots…in the Malls or maybe in line at the grocery stores. At one point or another, you have engaged a conversation, or given the universal “Head-nod“. In these moments of brief or long interactions, one may have felt compelled to speak these 5 Words Of Death (Closing Lines)…”Thank You For Your Service“.
Grant it, the statement may very well, be coming from the most sincerest of hearts, but what are you really saying? What is the “Service” that you speak of? Is this really any different when one may ask someone (familiar or unfamiliar)…”How Are You Doing?“.

Let us be honest, do you really want to know how that person is doing? More so, do you really care? Recognizing the dynamics may be slightly different, the principal is the same. Also, what is the response one may expect or are prepared for. What “Service” are you thanking them for? For some, this expression of gratitude may be discomforting, even for the humble. We would like to recognize our ‪#‎Veterans‬ as “Selfless” individuals.

Many cannot and may never be able to comprehend the ‪‎valor and ‪‎sacrifice demanded upon these brave. Therefore is, “Thank You For Your Service“, enough?
As ‪Candice Horner‬ writes; “When people would say those five words to me, it would make me uncomfortable. I didn’t sacrifice much, and I lived a pretty cool life while stationed in ‪Japan‬. I felt their gratitude was misdirected; I never saw ‪combat‬.

Article: Click Here

Candice Horner is a former Marine, RN and currently a Competitive Shooter (Winner of the Mammoth Sniper Challenge Extreme Tough Man Division). It is said that, the phrase is “inadequate; it’s empty“. So what would be the most appropriate thing to say?
Maybe sharing how your life was impacted by not just that Veteran’s service, but by the services of those who have and are currently sacrificing.

Stop Thanking Veterans for their Services and start Recognizing their Sacrifices, Acknowledging their Courage and Appreciate it’s Worth!
War stories are great…but life’s triumphs are BEAUTIFUL!

(Article Credited to Candice Horner)
Please take a moment to read full article

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New Age Movement: Aliens, Angels And Demons! Pt. 2

Do you believe in Aliens?

What are Angels?

Does the Devil exist?

Listen to a Lynchburg, Virginia resident continue their thoughts and sharing their knowledge on the difference between Angels and Demons, and the origin of Aliens.

We Provoke Thought

Scheduled call with a Lynchburg, Virginia resident
Subject: The New Age Movement; Agenda (Continuation)
Audio: Good

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Why Do Men Cheat? Pt. 1



Why Do Men Cheat?

Is commitment a challenge?
In a world where technology has it’s people connected, we are becoming so disconnected.
Listen to a Florida resident as they share their thoughts and personal experience with Why Men Cheat?

We Provoke Thought

Random call with a Tallahassee Florida resident.
Subject: Why Do Men Cheat? (Female Perspective)
Audio: Good


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Why Do Men Cheat? Pt. 2


Why Do Men Cheat?

If you have not watched Why Do Men Cheat Pt.1…Take a moment to.
Listen to a New York resident share their thoughts, personal experience and candid views on Why Do Men Cheat?

We Provoke Thought

Random call with a Rochester, New York resident
Subject: Why Do Men Cheat? (Male Perspective)
Audio: Good *MILD LANGUAGE!*


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