What If…You Caught Your Man Having Sex?

What if…

You come home from a hard days work, but you rushed because you missed your husband or boyfriend, and you could not wait to see him. You get home immediately receiving an eerie feeling. Something is not right. Through the silence you hear the sound of rough sex emanating from the bedroom!

Your world is spinning, your are instantly overwhelmed with fear and anger. The adrenaline takes over and without hesitation you rush to the bedroom. Prepared to confront your wildest thoughts you KICK OPEN THE DOOR! There he is! Sexually assaulting this large “booty“! Shocked you are, with the thought of murder on your mind, you are left in awe to find that it is not a woman that he is having sex with…!

What do you do?



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Random Call and Video Show Conference with Atlanta, Virginia, Maryland and Arizona residents.
Subject: What if? Wednesday Question:

What if…you discovered that your boyfriend/husband was secretly having sex/masturbating with a anatomically correct, life-size silicone “Sex Doll“?
Is that considered cheating? Would the relationship be over?
How long would it be before you felt comfortable being intimate with him again? Would you join in…or introduce it into the bedroom?

Would this be acceptable? What would that do to the relationship?

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