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Mars Attacks

If a friend borrowed money from you and never returned it, would you lend to them again?

If a family member would consistently and blatantly lie to you, would you still trust them? If someone close to you tried to harm you and your family, would you still associate with them?

The answers to these questions would seem obvious, but if we were to look at our society and it’s actions and responses to the government’s constant encroachment of our civil rights and liberties, the obvious would seem more obscured.

The history of this country has been well documented.
We know, very well, the beast in which we allow to rule. Slavery, political corruptions, mass genocide, population control, psychological manipulation and economic destruction. These are just a few of the long list of atrocities and crimes in which the American Government and their “heads” have committed (documented).

Yet, mass amount of people still place faith and trust in the government. We are not even talking about those that are compartmentalized or caught in a state of cognitive dissonance. We are speaking of the group that is oblivious to it all. Those that, without thought, will have their children vaccinated, feed their family GMO foods and accept any narrative delivered with a suit and tie.

Understand these groups are weapons of the tyrannical government. They keep their “machine” going.

Which is why we must be vigilant in questioning and researching…EVERYTHING!

The elite have a “Think Tank“. They have groups, parties, departments, and advisors that work tirelessly to enable and strengthen their agenda.

So what is the next potential threat?

Decades ago mobile phones were reserved for the wealthy. At it’s inception, it was technology that was not practical, or easily affordable.
The Internet, as well, was merely a “road”, a conduit of minimal information and data between elites. Not the “Super Highway” of the World it has become!

What if…
Someone saw the opportunity to create a weapon that would be capable of wiping out millions without destroying infrastructures? A weapon that would give the “Puppet Master” the ability to learn more about the individual. Tracking and data mining of the most sensitive and personal information possible.
What if that weapon was packaged in a small black box, disguised as a telephone but worked well as a microwaving, geo-tracking, data mapping, voice recording mobile device?

Could that be the reason these mobile devices went from costing thousands of dollars to being free for almost anyone who desired one. For some employment, having such devices are mandatory.

Therefore, if we are going to question these facts, what trail must we follow? It is said to “Follow the money“!

If we do, we will find that Google has no office, no staff and a simple PO Box, numbered 666 on the sunny Caribbean Island of Bermuda.

But it still sends 8 Billion in profits a year to the island – which happens to have a 0 per cent corporation tax rate.

Google and Lucent Technologies (“Lucent merged with Alcatel SA of France in a merger of equals on December 1, 2006, forming Alcatel-Lucent”) are major operators in telecommunications.
Which will raise much suspicion as we explain the technology hidden within.

Death Tower

Mobile Towers use a Magnetron, the same component used in microwave ovens. This is responsible for creating microwaves.
It is by way of the microwaves that the towers and mobile devices are able to communicate.

To delve deeper into the technology and it’s power; 2 Hair Dryers produce an average of 2000watts of power (2 kilowatts). This is the same amount of power a Telecomm Satellite uses to beam a signal (20,000miles) to Earth.
Therefore, 2 Hair Dryers posses enough power (2 kilowatts) to potentially broadcast a signal, the length of the planet (20,000miles).

A microwave oven produces 1000watts (1 kilowatt). The magnetron from a microwave oven, used as a directional beaming device could be lethal

*As Shown In The Video Below*

Mobile Towers posses several dishes (Magnetrons) with a max power output of 30,000watts each (300 kilowatts)! The equivalent to 300 microwave ovens!

This power is estimated by the gauge of the copper transmission cable used to power the towers.
The cables are used for power output, not data transmission. FCC regulates transmission, per array of dishes, to 400watts.

1 watt from a mobile device can transmit an average of 25miles to the nearest tower.

Now that you have a general understanding of the technology and it’s power. Begin to question why and what can be done with it.

A 1000watt Magnetron could cause catastrophic damage.
This deadly power is in the hands of companies or “Agencies” such as; Google, Lucent or the US Government.

A government that has shown the World what they are capable of, from the countless false flag events that have taken thousands of innocent lives, to encroaching upon the freedoms, rights and liberties of humanity.

These elite know the importance of maintaining the infrastructure. This is why weapons of a biological nature are consistently being created, tested and used upon the innocent.

Mobile Tower Magnetron Disguise

These facts make the Mobile Towers more frightening than convenient.
With thousands of towers throughout the country, many hidden and covertly disguised as “everyday objects” (Trees or Buildings) a single signal could transform one’s mobile device into an explosive or microwave (incinerate) an entire city without much property damage. The perfect weapon.

Covert Mobile Tower

The possibilities are limitless, but few are questioning or even aware of the power and their potential threats.

Powers that lie in the hands of those who can infect thousands of black men with syphilis, vaccinate thousands of Guatemalan women and children with live polio, murder hundreds with the H1N1 Influenza vaccine, poisoning hundreds with lead and other agents through the air, water and food, and causing an epidemic of autism, cancer and other deaths.

What if…

Those responsible for the “September 11th“, tragedy decided to strike the American public using Mobile Towers as a weapon?

Who do you call?

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