It Is Easier To
Children Than
Broken Men
” – Frederick Douglass

Dermarjay Smith

Dermarjay Smith

The Jamaican Kid Trainer

Remember this name Dermarjay Smith. This is the young 8year old boy who has gone viral with his inspirational videos, showing his fearless and tenacious approach to fitness.

He hails from Jamaica. He is touted as “The Jamaican Kid Trainer”. His mindset is strong and his heart is golden. Since his video has been widely searched, Dermarjay has found himself on various morning news shows to ESPN and most recently Ellen DeGeneres.

On Ellen, Dermarjay shares why he has adopted fitness as a lifestyle and his goals for his future!
That is right! At 8 years of age…he knows exactly what he WILL accomplish!
One of these goals are to become the next “Fastest Man Alive”, beating Usain Bolt!

Usain Bolt Racing Against The Future.

Usain Bolt Racing Against The Future.

What is more touching and exciting about this interview is that Ellen DeGeneres, in her fashion, had surprised Dermarjay with a visit from Usain Bolt. This is after Dermarjay says, “he would surely beat Usain in a race”.

Watch the Potential of our Future!
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Women have been experiencing Menstrual Pains for ages.
Some are mild discomforts as others are debilitating.

A woman’s menstrual cycle can dictate their lifestyle. Once a month being the dreaded anticipation.
So there is no surprise to the amount of Home Remedies and products available for women, to aide them through this hellacious period.

Regardless to whether the “girlfriend’s” technique is affective or the “pills ” don’t  work, it is important to understand the changes
that are taking place, why and what one can do to minimize or quite possibly, eliminate, menstrual pains.

At the top of the list…

Exercise and diet. Exercising, aside from increasing ones’ quality of health, is recorded in easing cramps during a menstrual cycle.
Proper exercise can also help with relieving Mental Stress as well. Stress being another symptom during a woman’s cycle.

Supplementation with vitamins and minerals is also beneficial during menstruation

So let’s understand how this works.

First we have water-soluble Vitamins; B-Complex and C. They dissolve in water and are not stored by the body.
Since they are eliminated in urine, we require a continuous daily supply in our diet.
Then one must understand that certain vitamins require the pairing of minerals to be truly effective.

So what can women do or use to help with; acne, depression, moodiness, breast – tenderness, cramps and nausea?

The complete B-Complex!

The B- vitamins, in general,
are involved in the building
of biological chemicals, and
B6 seems to have a special role
in the production of female Hormones.

The more B6 is around, the better your estrogen will work.

Herbal remedies such as; Chamomile, Fennel, Ginger, Cinnamon and Mint are used in different forms to ease cramps and other symptoms associated with menstruation.

Mint, Chamomile and Ginger can be used in teas… If smoothies are your thing, drop some cucumbers and beets in there. One would be surprised by the positive effects.

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